Meridian Alignment Protocol

Ben John Maruquin uses Traditional Chinese Medicine in a framework of Active Strength and Stretch Modalities.

Ben also employs Shiatsu, Myofascial release, Craniosacral, Pranayama, and Energy Work.

This combination balances intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Focused breathing (Pranayama) while doing MAP relaxes the nervous system creating physical upgrades.

Ben’s sessions require both active participation and relaxation to get you back into your body resulting in:

Improved Athletic Performance


Better Sleep

Better Cognitive
Change in
Body Shape
Changes in
Chronic Conditions


Ben specializes in working with Health Care Providers and Healing Arts Practitioners with Energetic Fatigue.
MAP is the Bodywork for Bodyworkers.

LutherBryan provides resistance,  yielding, breath and activation while Ben employs the MAP

How MAP Works

Every body has patterning that may or may not be useful to overall health. MAP techniques are employed to rebalance the body. These rebalancing moves are the beginnings of your own personal movement practice that retunes and returns your body, mind, spirit connection to your source.

The initial session takes 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions usually take 45 min to 1 hr. As progression occurs the time is reduced to 30 min.

“Bens practice and skills as a body worker and experienced human make his sessions multi faceted. He comes equipped with a broad range of knowledge which means anything that comes up is met with a sense of deep understanding and wisdom, caring and a sense of humor. He weaves the disciplined physical aspects with the psychological, mystical, and emotional elements that are part of every human experience and healing journey. I always leave with new insights and feeling better in my body. I feel you get many things in one with Ben – worth checking out.” – Chris Pearsall

Every session provides benefits.

Initially we do MAP in close intervals. (3-5 days apart)

As progression occurs we space the sessions further apart, usually 7-14 days and then 14 – 21 days to monthly and/or bi monthly tune ups.

Active participation is required in every session. It’s all about getting you back into your body, mind and spirit. There is an amount of uncovering linked to old injuries and to intergenerational trauma that unlocks energetic blockages, memories and patterns that no longer work for your well being.

During the sessions we go through the ways that you recreate the movements in your own environment and for your lifestyle.

You Heal You

“Ben has a 6/7/8th sense. I look forward to getting on Ben’s table because he takes me somewhere else. MAP is deep healing work. Ben’s ability to hone in on chronic issues doesn’t stop there…he finds the root cause, the deep, hidden embedded compensations that disrupt our body’s balance. While his hands-on work and maneuvers feel amazing, I can tell he is doing something beyond the physical…the energetic work he does cannot be taught, Ben has a true gift to help us heal.” – Bonnie Crotzer


Ventura Studio Session Pricing

90 min: $180
60 min: $125

45 min: $90
30 min: $65

Cash, Venmo and Crypto accepted.

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I travel anywhere with both individuals and teams. Contact me for pricing within California, Continental USA and abroad.

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I grew up in a very athletic family that fortified my values in lifestyle, emotional health and physical well being. That mindset made me into a 1996 Field Hockey Olympian for the USA and a seasoned world traveler.

My experiences inspired me to study a wide array of holistic health ideologies to care for my body mind and spirit:

Sports Medicine, Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pranayama, Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training to name a few.

With over 30 years experience in these modalities I’ve come up with The Meridian Alignment Protocol.

A combination plate of holistic goodness, that realigns your Chi.
The beginnings of a personal practice. The “You heal you” model. The more you do for yourself, healing art practitioners are needed less.


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